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quick / быстрый, скорый, живой
имя прилагательное
fast, quick, prompt, rapid, speedy, swift
early, fast, swift, rapid, speedy, quick
live, living, alive, lively, animate, quick
prompt, agile, nimble, quick, alert, dexterous
quick, bright, prompt
fast, quickly, quick, prompt, swift, soon
vividly, quick, nimbly, graphically, jovially, trippingly
soon, fast, quickly, quick, before long, anon
имя существительное
живая изгородь
hedge, hedgerow, green fence, quickset, quickset hedge, quick
feelings, heart, susceptibility, quick
имя прилагательное
moving fast or doing something in a short time.
some children are particularly quick learners
(of a person) prompt to understand, think, or learn; intelligent.
it was quick of him to spot the mistake
at a fast rate; quickly.
he'll find some place where he can make money quicker
имя существительное
the soft, tender flesh below the growing part of a fingernail or toenail.
You'll enjoy the movie if your idea of a good time is sitting glued to the edge of your seat chewing your fingernails down to the quick .
those who are living.
the quick and the dead
Remember these fish are fast and spooky, you have to make quick accurate casts, often into a twenty knot wind.
The Orkney squad lost three quick tries at the start of the game, resulting in a half-time score of 22-5.
I'd like to point out - most people are talking about how quick you need to do this.
People don't realise how critical that is because if you come in and something's not quite right you get exposed real quick , as you can see with the newer guys.
Finally, a quick look at what happened in Scotland in April.
A quick test shows this happens with enough browsers to make it funny (I didn't find one that worked).
You take swift decisions and make quick changes when situations are tense and demanding.
Finally someone's cutting right to the quick of a very important subject that's all too often ignored.
They know her and her flaws - a quick temper, a dicey sexual past - too well for that.
The smart lines drop in fast and quick , with some great gags that click two seconds after you think they should.