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quiche / пирог с заварным кремом
имя существительное
пирог с заварным кремом
имя существительное
a baked flan or tart with a savory filling thickened with eggs.
There are also soups, pizzas, salads, quiches , pasta and some desserts.
имя существительное
a member of a people inhabiting the western highlands of Guatemala.
the Mayan language of the Quiché.
имя прилагательное
relating to the Quiché or their language.
In the prepared dishes, the shop was highly commended for spinach and smoked bacon quiche and commended for beef bourgignon.
The five meals tested were cheese and tomato pizza, chicken tikka masala, steak and kidney pie, quiche Lorraine and beef lasagne.
Sarah makes us a spinach quiche , and Craig cooks us spaghetti and meatballs.
a slice of quiche
You can also add a couscous, pasta or rice salad, sticks of carrot or cucumber and slices of quiche or savoury tarts - the latter perhaps made with lighter filo instead of rich shortcrust pastry.
Other Sunset Specials include egg and bacon quiche , steak sandwich, pork chop with a choice of mushroom or peppercorn sauces and even a chicken curry Madras.
I skipped the skillet step, and I guess what I made could be considered a crustless quiche , but calling it a frittata is much more fun.
Salmon and leek quiche is one of my favorite quiche recipes, which I come to crave every now and then.
The savory come with fillings like ham, cheese and onions and end up more like a cross between a pizza and a quiche .
a quiche tin