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quibble / каламбур, софизм, увертка
имя существительное
pun, quibble, wordplay, play on words, equivoque, quirk
sophism, fallacy, quibbling, quibble, quip, quiddity
subterfuge, evasion, dodge, quip, quibble, shuffle
уклоняться от сути вопроса
играть словами
имя существительное
a slight objection or criticism.
the only quibble about this book is the price
a play on words; a pun.
argue or raise objections about a trivial matter.
they are always quibbling about the amount they are prepared to pay
My only quibble with this fine book is with the way in which it which it casually ascribes ultimate influence on the shaping of genres to the power of commerce and its supposedly attendant sensibilities.
My only quibble is that some comments - criticisms and praise - remain unchanged year to year.
This is a quibble rather than a significant criticism.
the only quibble about this book is the price
However, this is a slight quibble in what is an otherwise fine book.
the only quibble about this book is the price
Other than the political quibbles , London critics were mostly rapturous about this modern-dress revival.
The amount of money being quibbled over is not nearly enough to launch a serious effort to save our Aboriginal languages.
But really, those are minor quibbles compared to the book's overwhelming strengths.
Indeed, this makes argument about the relative merits of security and liberty impossible; we are reduced to quibbling about dictionary definitions.