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quell / подавлять, успокаивать, сокрушать
suppress, repress, inhibit, put down, overwhelm, quell
calm down, soothe, calm, settle down, reassure, quell
crush, overwhelm, pulverize, quash, quell
put an end to (a rebellion or other disorder), typically by the use of force.
extra police were called to quell the disturbance
Members of the 800th Military Police Brigade had to use lethal force several times to quell prisoner uprisings, the report says.
he spoke up again to quell any panic among the assembled youngsters
Many householders fear their insurance premiums could rise but the Association of British Insurers is trying to quell homeowners' worries.
In his place they sent Colonel Lachlan Macquarie who arrived in 1810 with a regiment to quell the rebellion.
Police and soldiers were sent to Yelwa to quell the violence and the town has been reported calm since Friday.
extra police were called to quell the disturbance
So the wait prolongs before Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts School of Magic finally quell Lord Voldemort, the evil and powerful Wizard.
In 1 Henry IV he is commended by Prince Harry after Shrewsbury, and sent with Westmorland to quell the northern rebels.
To unite the country and strengthen the stability of the border, Emperor Qian Long assembled large numbers of troops in Danba to quell the rebellion.
Human-rights groups slam the government for continuing to use these emergency powers, which were originally promulgated to quell ethnic unrest and deal with terrorism many years ago.