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queenly / царственный, королевский, подобающий королеве
имя прилагательное
regal, royal, kingly, princely, queenly, queenlike
royal, regal, kingly, queenly, basilic, king's
подобающий королеве
queenlike, queenly
имя прилагательное
fit for or appropriate to a queen.
I came down and, in a pillared hall within the temple, the emperor stood in regal splendour - a queenly woman beside him - caught in a moment of deep crisis.
While Mary successfully projected queenly serenity, her place in political theory was another matter.
Before the Second World War, actresses who played Titania usually aimed at an ethereal, queenly elegance and beauty.
Hence the virginal Elizabeth, who was chaste and civilised where her queenly predecessor was promiscuous and barbaric.
It's easy - and sometimes fun - to mock her queenly stature and cult following.
We should not mistake this set of influential women for a proof of female independence and autonomy: queenly power was often contested, and all the evidence we have for female autonomy shows it to have been both fragile and circumscribed.
Apparently Her Majesty the Queen never travels without Malvern water, and there's certainly something queenly about the town that grew around the spa.
She continues: ‘But the woman inside that queenly thing, the ego, was a different matter.’
At her Julien Park, Diego Martin home, a gaunt, queenly 87-year-old Hazel sat on a sofa, staring into space.
Campbell worked with a dialect coach to perfect her queenly accent, which sounds fresh from the old British film Brief Encounter.
Claudius sees through Gertrude's queenly behavior to the restlessness in her heart.