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queasy / привередливый, разборчивый, щепетильный
имя прилагательное
fastidious, choosy, fussy, particular, choosey, queasy
legible, picky, choosy, discriminating, fastidious, queasy
scrupulous, meticulous, squeamish, precise, queasy, nice
имя существительное
вызывающий тошноту
испытывающий тошноту
имя прилагательное
nauseated; feeling sick.
in the morning he was still pale and queasy
Nine out of ten women said their partner was a big help during the birth, with only 14 per cent of men feeling queasy , ten per cent leaving the room for fresh air and one per cent passing out.
All of which makes me feel slightly queasy and disinclined to buy so much as a new face cloth.
Yet, for all that, it was hard not to feel slightly queasy about the prospects for the remainder of the Scottish season.
I have come to appreciate what they were trying to do a little more now that I am a ‘mature’ adult, but I still get a little queasy every time I hear it.
But diplomats in Kinshasa are beginning to sound queasy .
Many people have experienced the roll of a boat on a rough body of water - along with a queasy stomach and uneasy legs.
She always felt slightly queasy before take off.
He worked normally at Chequers on Saturday and felt fine when he hosted a monthly dinner there, but felt queasy on Sunday morning and a doctor was called.
I felt queasy half way through, but soldiered on.
He expends all his energies reacting to the incessant, queasy lurch of the metallic object confining his limbs.