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quayside / пристань
имя существительное
pier, dock, jetty, wharf, landing stage, quayside
имя существительное
a quay and the area around it.
The harbour has both a commercial quayside and marina which was crowded with expensive yachts and cruisers.
Through the darkened windows of one of the lower decks nearest to the quayside could be seen tables laid out for dinner in one of the ship's four restaurants.
Diplomats waiting at the quayside for the ship pronounced it clear after finding no unaccompanied children on board.
The scheme creates a pedestrian link to an area of landscaped open space on the lower quayside .
The Irish alcohol factories have built a large molasses tank at the deep-water berths, with pipe line to the quayside .
A new marina could be created on the quayside , as well as restaurants, hotels and homes.
One child was among the victims when a gangway leading to the world's biggest ocean liner from the quayside gave way.
Since it stretched along the length of the Yare bank, sections of the quayside were distinguished from each other by their own names.
At Yarmouth, so many vessels were crammed in by the quayside that ‘one may walk from ship to ship as on a floating bridge’.
Among the visitors were the wife and daughter of the ship's Geordie Commanding Officer, who were waiting on the quayside at Newcastle.
He drove a short distance along the quayside away from the vessel and towards the town and then drove a few metres off the road and parked amongst some trees.