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quaver / дрожать, вибрировать, выводить трели
tremble, shake, shiver, shudder, wobble, quaver
vibrate, oscillate, shimmy, chatter, thrill, quaver
выводить трели
имя существительное
дрожание голоса
quaver, quiver
trill, warble, shake, quaver, mordent
имя существительное
a shake or tremble in a person's voice.
Despite himself, a little quaver was in his voice.
(of a person's voice) shake or tremble in speaking, typically through nervousness or emotion.
Monty spins to attention, his head raised with great offense, his voice quavering with emotion - ‘Why did you say that?’
She was a bit taken aback to hear the slight quaver in her father's voice as he replied.
Following the massive second song, Hecker calms thing down with some shorter minimal sketches, but they have the same seasick quaver as what came before.
First, the wolf's cry held a quaver that said he was getting on in years.
Andrew Shore's Don Alfonso, in spite of a quaver in his voice, was expert and satisfying.
Strings swirl, melodies are caressed by her velvety vocal quaver , and the songs are simple in their expression of the feel-good sentiment.
‘I'm the king now,’ I explained, hoping no one else heard the quaver in my voice.
‘We're best friends,’ I say, a little quaver in my voice.
Lamontagne's voice is strong but with a quaver and a dry, rasping quality that hints at an inside breakability.
I tried to make the question light, but I felt my voice quaver .
He was using his acting ability to sound confident and fearless, but I heard his voice quaver in spite of himself.