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quatrain / четверостишие
имя существительное
quatrain, pantun
имя существительное
a stanza of four lines, especially one having alternate rhymes.
The play is written in verse which varies between alternately rhyming quatrains and stanzaic form, the effect being lyric rather than dramatic.
The hymn stanza grew out of the ballad stanza: four beats, three beats, four beats, three beats in alternating isochronous lines of varying numbers of syllables locked in a rhyming quatrain .
The reply and counter-reply must be given in the form of a quatrain with a rhyme scheme of a-b-c-b.
Imagine hearing the lines of the second quatrain as a series of introductions.
By the time he has finished the first stanza, this is the form he seems to have chosen: a three-stress-per-line stanza of four lines, a quatrain in which the second and fourth lines rhyme.
Valery subtly suggests the progression of evening in the language of the second quatrain 's closing lines.
As well as writing in free verse, his poems are often structured in two or three-line stanzas or quatrains , frequently, although not always, with a rhyme scheme.
Narrative folk ballads of Mexican origin typically have regular metrical features such as rhyming quatrains and use traditional imagery.
The source texts are then reformed into single aphoristic lines, couplets, quatrains , and whole poems.
We hear iambs, trochees, Virgil's hexameters, the Norse alliterative lines, each arranged in their various couplets, quatrains , choric stanzas, gnomic verses, and much more besides.
I curled up with Nash's couplets, quatrains , limericks and occasional jeremiads.