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quartet / квартет
имя существительное
quartet, quartette
имя существительное
a group of four people playing music or singing together.
He believes that you increase your understanding by playing in small ensembles - three, four or five people in trios, quartets and quintets.
And my grand-uncles had a gospel quartet that would sing at church and community events.
The piece's next movement, a canon at the octave, frames the first four movements together, but the quartet chose not to play it tonight.
After the interval we heard a recorder quartet playing rediscovered music by Vaughan Williams.
In their 25th year of marriage, Mom started singing with a country gospel music quartet led by a guy named Gordon.
A chamber music quartet was rehearsing for a Vivaldi recital, and it was gorgeous.
The plate is composed of a quartet of salads around a small mound of baby greens.
The quartet has been writing new songs so immensely good, their talent scares me sometimes.
A quartet of powerhouse teams, each with a uniquely skilled star, is set for a showdown in San Antonio in the strongest Final Four ever.
Some of his chamber works are the eight string quartets, two piano trios, two piano quintets, a piano quartet and sonatas for violin and cello.
It's a good bet that at least 11 of the 12 drivers who will make NASCAR's version of the playoffs will come from this quartet of teams.