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quarterly / ежеквартальный, квартальный, трехмесячный
имя прилагательное
раз в квартал
раз в три месяца
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
done, produced, or occurring once every quarter of a year.
a quarterly newsletter is distributed to members
(of a shield or charge) divided into four (or occasionally more) subdivisions by vertical and horizontal lines.
From what can be seen of the original engraving, it is clear that at least two of the shields on each dish were engraved with the same quarterly arms.
once every quarter of a year.
interest is paid quarterly
in the four, or in two diagonally opposite, quarters of a shield.
имя существительное
a magazine or journal that is published four times a year.
In 1904 it displayed 20 daily newspapers, 80 weeklies, 63 monthly magazines and two quarterlies .
The resident is evaluated formally at both sites quarterly to ensure objectives are met and the resident is achieving desired goals.
The Bank of England will also provide guidance on its interest-rate strategy when the governor, Mervyn King, presents its quarterly inflation report.
Develop risk mitigation, incident response and business continuity plans, and test these procedures quarterly to annually, depending on best practices.
The move to quarterly reporting, in line with US financial reporting, came in recognition of the fact that US investors now control half of the share register.
His piece, written before September 11, 2001, appeared in Parameters, a U.S. Army War College quarterly .
Charges for season ticket holders are also set to rise, with a quarterly ticket at the four long stays going up from £159.90 to £163.90.
Despite four consecutive quarterly losses, Xerox is expected to make money before the year is out, continuing a turnaround credited to Mulcahy.
Frequently in such cases a sum called ‘rent’ is paid at once in accordance with the terms of the proposed lease: for example, quarterly in advance.
Customs officials make inspections quarterly , but in addition to these routine inspections, special inspections by Customs audit personnel can be done at any reasonable time.
In the one-step ahead forecasting situation, we assumed that the industrial practitioners updated their data quarterly .