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quarterlies / ежеквартальник
имя существительное
имя существительное
a magazine or journal that is published four times a year.
In 1904 it displayed 20 daily newspapers, 80 weeklies, 63 monthly magazines and two quarterlies .
I much admired New Directions, and though Accent is now mostly forgotten, during its lifetime its appeal surpassed - at least for me - that of the heavyweight, academic literary quarterlies .
I'd already been reading Kenneth Burke on my own for several years - I read a lot of criticism and literary quarterlies .
As far as the quarterlies go, the magazines share many of the same writers and the monthly and irregular journals feature unknowns alongside guest appearances by well known writers.
Other quarterlies - such as Kenyon Review - carried more refined formal literary analysis.
But people writing for political quarterlies necessarily draw tentative conclusions about very recent events, and historical perspective does not always settle questions
For the most part, Johnsonian ideas about biography appeared only in literary magazines, some of which took their cues from British quarterlies , while republican ideas dominated biographies themselves.
Apart from the daily press she looks at the role played by quarterlies such as Round Table.
Yet poetry journalism has not followed suit, particularly in the literary quarterlies and in general circulation organs.
Most major cities have daily and weekly newspapers; in all, there are 20 dailies, 35 weeklies, 33 fortnightlies, 152 monthlies, and 111 quarterlies .
From their base in university English departments and university-sponsored quarterlies , the poets and editors associated with the New Criticism proved to be a very powerful opposition to the populist trend.