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quarterdeck / ют, шканцы
имя существительное
afterdeck, quarterdeck, aftercastle
имя существительное
the part of a ship's upper deck near the stern, traditionally reserved for officers.
We know that in those days a ship was commanded from the quarterdeck at the ship's stern.
This was the Melbourne Cup scene, not at Flemington or Royal Randwick of course, but on the quarterdeck of HMAS Kuttabul in Sydney.
Personnel from ships participating in Exercise Ocean Protector held a sports day on the quarterdeck of HMAS Creswell.
Inside a tent on the quarterdeck , Ishmael meets Captain Peleg, an elderly gruff man, who is one of the two owners of the ship.
At 1.35 pm, Nelson, pacing his quarterdeck amidst the crash of the broadsides, calm amidst the smoke that wreathed Victory, was giving his orders quietly and firmly, as always.
We know that in those days a ship was commanded from the quarterdeck at the ship's stern.
The men watched and waited for Hornblower to return to the quarterdeck .
He forced me back along the quarterdeck and up to the main mast, until I had to take refuge by climbing into the rigging and up the ratlines, thrusting and slashing with my cutlass all the while.
The action takes place on the quarterdeck of the HMS Pinafore, which has been stylishly designed, complete with a three-tiered cabin, rigging, steam funnel, sails and an ocean view backdrop.
Walker gripped the railing of the quarterdeck as another frigid wave swept over his ship.
Without an accurate chart, she anchored in Betano Bay at dusk on September 23, 1942 and commenced disembarking troops over her quarterdeck .