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quarter-final / четвертьфинал
имя существительное
имя существительное
a match or round of a tournament that precedes the semifinal.
Germany will next play the US in the quarter-final of the World Cup finals on Friday.
Normally, you would never go into a quarter-final of any competition without a warm-up game.
the Scottish Cup quarter-final between Hearts and Dundee
Ballack also scored the winning goal in the quarter-final against the United States.
It's not the first few rounds of the cup, it's the quarter-final and the teams have been whittled down to the last eight.
Not many coaches have led a team into the quarter-finals of a World Cup, so I'm satisfied.
To be honest, though, we have done our job in getting top of the group and whoever we play is going to be a tough game in the quarter-finals .
Chinese women have made the semi-finals in hockey and the quarter-finals in volleyball.
On a night when his team needed goals to reach the quarter-finals , their lack of a deadeye striker cost them dear.
The good news for Idle is they meet Baildon again in the quarter-finals of the competition.