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quarantine / карантин, сорокадневный период
имя существительное
quarantine, isolation period, sequestration
сорокадневный период
подвергать изоляции
подвергать карантину
quarantine, isolate
имя существительное
a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.
many animals die in quarantine
impose isolation on (a person, animal, or place); put in quarantine.
The patients are now quarantined in normal wards and recovering from fever, the Central News Agency reported.
Like their hosts, the plant pathogens are also of foreign origin and are thus kept in quarantine .
Buster had to spend six months in quarantine on his return from Iraq.
Paul is due to return to his family in Preston later this week but Elliot will remain in quarantine for six months before he is allowed to come home.
As the period for keeping them in quarantine was over, they were shifted to the exhibit area.
They'll study them in quarantine to determine their efficacy and safety.
After the transplant she had to spend six months in quarantine to avoid catching an infection while her immune system recovered, but now she is fit and well.
The first beavers could arrive in Britain by autumn and would be released after six months in quarantine .
The whole family was put in quarantine for a month but soon after she had recovered from one disease Julia was struck down with another, namely rheumatic fever.
Hundreds of immigrants, mostly English and some Irish, died on the island while in quarantine .
The chicks will arrive on Salisbury Plain on June 23 and spend a month in quarantine before moving to a large enclosure.