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quantity / количество, величина, большое количество
имя существительное
number, amount, quantity, percentage, sum, quantum
value, size, quantity, magnitude, dimension, greatness
большое количество
plenty, number, quantity, a great deal, a generous amount, bulk
имя существительное
the amount or number of a material or immaterial thing not usually estimated by spatial measurement.
the quantity and quality of the fruit can be controlled
the perceived length of a vowel sound or syllable.
In speech, this feature is reflected in phonological quantity .
a value or component that may be expressed in numbers.
Another important quantity is the clustering coefficient C of a vertex.
many people like to buy in quantity
This quantity is called the Mean Square of the velocity.
An ellipse is a flattened circle, and the degree of flatness is indicated by a numerical quantity called eccentricity, abbreviated e.
The phonetic theory includes the analysis and classification of speech sounds generally and of the sounds of English in particular; sound grouping, accentual features, quantity , junction, assimilation, intonation; questions may also be asked on the teaching of English pronunciation.
The judge said that police found 35.2g cannabis, evidence of his attempts at drug horticulture and a quantity of money when they raided his home.
Entropy is a very difficult physical quantity to understand.
In other words, it was not spontaneously obvious in earlier cultures that zero is a quantity that could be represented.
Whether wanting is measured in quality or quantity depends entirely on the individuals concerned.
During the raids police seized personal belongings, documents, drugs paraphernalia, a quantity of crack cocaine and a small amount of cannabis.
This study investigates the realisation of phonological quantity in the dialects of Modern Swedish, based on a corpus containing recordings from 86 locations in Sweden and the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland.