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quantify / определять количество
определять количество
quantify, evaluate
express or measure the quantity of.
it's very hard to quantify the cost
define the application of (a term or proposition) by the use of all , some , etc., e.g., “for all x if x is A then x is B.”.
Another variable related to set names or actions is whether the number quantifying a set precedes or follows it.
Further study should not only continue to highlight but also quantify the cost to society of this.
Can we really quantify costs in such a rigorous way, for the world as a whole and for a century or more hence?
It is impossible to quantify the number of people involved.
IMG said it wasn't possible to quantify the extent of the damage for this year but it said it expected to still to be profitable and generate cash.
Some very smart people have worked on ways to get around these problems or at least to quantify them carefully.
The fitness component of phage growth rate was measured to quantify this phenomenon.
And while it is easy to quantify the cost so far, it is much harder to work out how big an impact it will have in future.
it's very hard to quantify the cost
it is impossible to quantify the extent of the black economy
These measures enabled researchers to quantify each individual act of violence in each film.