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quant / шест для отталкивания
имя существительное
шест для отталкивания
отталкивать шестом
pole, quant
отталкиваться шестом
pole, quant
имя существительное
a quantitative analyst.
As one of Wall Street's leading quants , Derman did throw off some intense gamma radiation.
a pole for propelling a barge or punt, especially one with a prong at the bottom to prevent it sinking into the mud.
Punting technique: a punt pole is technically called a quant .
First, a few numbers for the quant lurking in all of us.
As the unwieldy quant is about ten feet long and made from heavy, stout oak, it will usually be stored as far away from the river as possible.
For a guy with a mostly technical / quant predilection, I did a lot of pure fundamental research.
Another useful S&P stat in the quant section is the Earnings & Dividend Rank, which rates stocks from A + to D on their earnings growth and stability over the past 10 years.
Just talking to a friend, I said that last night at a party, I'd bumped into an old friend who's a quant .
That's when you take down the mast and use a long pole (or quant ) to punt the boat under bridges, including the notoriously low medieval one at Potter Heigham.
Mangione is a quant , which means that his stock picks are based more on quantitative measures of company and stock performance than on the underlying businesses.
Punting technique: a punt pole is technically called a quant .
When quant jocks argue with each other, the usual response is for the better informed one to chuck a file full of data at the offender and say ‘you do the math’.
In this market of memes, anyone can be a broker, analyst or quant with the right skills and desire - and the right moment of entry.