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qualify / квалифицировать, готовиться, определять
prepare, qualify, train, study, be afoot, busk
define, determine, set, measure, designate, qualify
be entitled to a particular benefit or privilege by fulfilling a necessary condition.
they do not qualify for compensation payments
become officially recognized as a practitioner of a particular profession or activity by satisfying the relevant conditions or requirements, typically by undertaking a course of study and passing examinations.
after the war he qualified as a lawyer
make (a statement or assertion) less absolute; add reservations to.
she felt obliged to qualify her first short answer
his sincere piety, his large heart always qualify his errors
This is, of course, a ridiculous contradiction and probably would qualify as a first-class oxymoron.
After working for more than fifty years I have been told that I do not qualify for benefits and I receive only £130 per week to support myself and my wife.
She had suffered lymphoedema in her right arm due to the cancer treatment, which left her too weak to operate equipment, but she was told she did not qualify for incapacity benefit.
A Tewkesbury worker has become the first in the county to complete a course to qualify as a bouncer.
In spite of criticism from the pulpits, he refused to qualify his unequivocal statements.
his sincere piety and his large heart always qualify his errors
They could educate young people about abstinence and require teenage mothers to attend school and live at home to qualify for benefits.
Backers say passage will help the state by preventing illegal immigrants from receiving benefits they don't qualify for.
Let me begin by assuming, contrary to your submission, that the concluding words qualify only the words ‘any land risk’.