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qualifier / спецификатор, определитель, уточнитель
имя существительное
determinant, qualifier
имя существительное
a person or team that qualifies for a competition or its final rounds.
he is now 14 and trying to become the youngest qualifier for a PGA Tour event
a word or phrase, especially an adjective, used to attribute a quality to another word, especially a noun.
In fact, it figures frequently as a qualifier for the word ‘education’.
A cracker final is expected between Neethling and Roland Schoeman - he won his semi-final in an Olympic qualifier 48,83-in the final tonight.
The second day's activities at the Virginia Professional Squash Championships culminated with the final qualifier matches.
The qualifier here is the word - or the feeling of the word - but.
That first round match is against qualifier George Bastl of Switzerland, which is considered a fairly favourable draw by the young Scot.
Add to this a calamitous exit from the final Champions League qualifier and an early end to their Carling Cup campaign and it has been underachievement all the way.
The midfielder told some of his team mates after the qualifier that he was quitting international football, the sports daily L' Equipe reported on Thursday.
he was the fifth-fastest qualifier
Evidencing the pressure of the day, the winner, Joe Mooneyham, was the only qualifier to match his handicap at gross 85, net 72.
Government has implored the under-23 coaching staff to be focussed in preparing the team for the crucial Olympic qualifier match against Ghana next weekend in Kumasi.
Daniel Wardrop battled through a qualifier then two rounds of matchplay in the Portuguese Amateur Championship - then lost in the quarter-final to his pal Zane Scotland.