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qualification / квалификация, ценз, оговорка
имя существительное
qualification, skill, background, experience, workmanship
reservation, clause, proviso, qualification, slip of the tongue, reserve
имя существительное
a quality or accomplishment that makes someone suitable for a particular job or activity.
only one qualification required—a fabulous sense of humor
the action or fact of qualifying or being eligible for something.
they need to beat Poland to ensure qualification for the World Cup finals
a statement or assertion that makes another less absolute.
this important qualification needs to be remembered when interpreting the results
the attribution of a quality to a word, especially a noun.
The first element in the phrase is an adverb, an adverbial qualification or an object (direct or indirect).
her qualification as a barrister
When you are determining, at a particular time, say, today, the consequence of a statutory qualification of a right, do you attach a time limit to the statute?
These levels reflect the duties of the position and this includes the qualification required to undertake those duties.
they need to beat Poland to ensure qualification for the World Cup finals
Add in a forthcoming German residency qualification , and the young man has plenty of options.
Strangers are welcome and the only qualification is their humanity.
They say nurses working in Nunavik, James Bay, Lower North Shore and remote First Nations communities need recognition of past experience when they seek qualification as a nurse practitioner.
He said he was taking the return leg seriously and ensured qualification to the next stage of the continental competition.
The only qualification to this statement is in reference to rooting of the ingroup relative to outgroup taxa.
the five-year residency qualification for presidential candidates