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quail / перепел, перепелка, студентка
имя существительное
co-ed, quail
имя прилагательное
falter, waver, flinch, quail, reel
quail, make leeway, cry craven
имя существительное
a small, short-tailed Old World game bird resembling a small partridge, typically having brown camouflaged plumage.
Birds such as grouse, crows, quail , partridge, nightjars, cuckoos, shrikes, larks, pipits, merlins, harriers, kestrels and buzzards would all have been seen.
a small or medium-sized New World game bird, the male of which has distinctive facial markings.
Male quail are often aggressive before and during the breeding season.
feel or show fear or apprehension.
she quailed at his heartless words
His research included classic works on quail , bushtits, Mexican and South American thrushes, New World jays, and others.
Leeds University scientists have calculated the birds, including tiny quail weighing mere grammes, are five times fitter than our Olympic athletes.
The English setter is a sporting breed that finds and indicates the location of upland game birds - quail , pheasant and grouse.
For the mushroom fancier the game is now on, with every shape and variety on local stalls, wild boar and young kid appear on the menu and the valleys resound to the huntsman's gun and partridge and quail hang from cottage doorways.
The center hopes that other ground-nesting species, such as quail , pheasant and eastern meadowlark, will follow.
This is an economy in which it's easier to carve a new dishwasher out of rock than to pay for one with 18 vultures, three choughs and a quail .
During the past seven years, Poppy and husband Pete, who fund the sanctuary themselves, have taken scores of animals and birds under their wing, including geese, dogs, a cow, partridge, pheasant and quail .
Cattle grazed the pastures where prairie hens, quail and coyote roamed.
He then decided it would be nice to have other animals there; within several years he'd added a goat, burros, pigeons, chickens, geese, doves, quail , partridges, and more.
The broader scope of the new stamps will allow the agency to generate money for programs aimed at species such as mourning doves and quail , two hugely important game birds that previous stamps didn't cover.