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quagmire / болото, трясина, затруднительное положение
имя существительное
swamp, marsh, bog, quagmire, morass, backwater
quagmire, bog, morass, mire, swale, slough
затруднительное положение
predicament, fix, quandary, dilemma, quagmire, involvement
имя существительное
a soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot.
torrential rain turned the building site into a quagmire
As the economy recovers, organisations will want to be fleet of foot and may find themselves entrenched in a quagmire of contact clauses and restrictions.
The day's two earlier races had made these boggy Flanders fields even more of a quagmire by the time of the main event.
a legal quagmire
Saturday's final was a battle of two very game teams on an absolute quagmire of a pitch.
The soil raised the planting beds, lifting plant roots out of the quagmire and allowing excess water to drain away.
The problem is that code developed under different licences all gets mixed together in implementations, producing a legal quagmire .
This is expected to become a legal quagmire , with landholders' interests already warning of test cases over compulsory purchases.
That campaign didn't exactly become the quagmire critics predicted.
The next year they were hot favourites in the grand final against Warragul Industrials before losing in a quagmire at Drouin.
Community leaders say the playground is a muddy, smelly quagmire even in the height of summer.