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quadruple / четверной, четырехкратный, учетверенный
имя прилагательное
fourfold, quadruple
quadruple, quadruplicate
quadruple, quadruplicate
имя существительное
учетверенное количество
имя прилагательное
consisting of four parts or elements.
a quadruple murder
имя существительное
a quadruple thing, number, or amount.
Now that marriage no longer means much, why not let couples or triples or quadruples of whatever variety get married?
increase or be increased fourfold.
oil prices quadrupled in the 1970s
The company says Super Bowl ads helped quadruple its sales the day after the game.
There have now been 19 triple-centuries - and one quadruple - in Test cricket.
Four years later he suffered more attacks and needed a quadruple heart bypass that left him with kidney failure.
Only the quadruple mutant lacking all four genes exhibits a complete loss of floral organ identity.
He had also recently recovered from a quadruple bypass operation.
I have also worked on patients during three LVAD implant operations and one quadruple coronary by-pass operation.
The ship is equipped with two close-range, portable, Strela - 3M air defence missile systems, each system having a quadruple launcher.
A quadruple threat, he can sing, act, write and pose.
At the heart of this quadruple bill was Liturgy, an enthralling pas de deux by the clever Christopher.
A heavy meal may quadruple the risk of a heart attack.