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quadrillion / квадрильон, миллион в четвертой степени, тысяча в пятой степени
имя существительное
миллион в четвертой степени
тысяча в пятой степени
a thousand raised to the power of five (10 15 ).
The lesson continues this way up until the quadrillions .
The U.S. transportation sector currently consumes 38 quadrillion BTU's of energy annually.
I'm sure they'd have fancy statistics saying that this added up to a quadrillion dollars in lost revenue.
Electricity accounts for 39% of that, or about 160 quadrillion BTUs.
It now stands at a quarter of a quadrillion dollars and is increasing at an accelerating pace.
A UK quadrillion would be one followed by 24 zeroes.
The whole financial engineering industry is today a market with a notional value of approximately $1 quadrillion .
Check out the table that shows the amount of energy that comes from different sources as measured in quadrillion BTUs.
The last time I checked, one of them was 22 quadrillion .
Moving in association with this dust are an estimated 2 quadrillion microorganisms.
The U.S. today consumes about 100 quads - 100 quadrillion BTUs - of raw thermal energy per year.