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quadrilateral / четырехугольник
имя существительное
quadrangle, quadrilateral, tetragon, quad, square
имя прилагательное
quadrilateral, quadruple
имя прилагательное
having four straight sides.
The bilobate living area has quadrilateral contours and is partly flanked by some horizontal logs and a vertical slab.
имя существительное
a four-sided figure.
Cut an 8x8 chessboard into two triangles and two quadrilaterals .
This type of superstructure could be erected on foundations with either round or quadrilateral contours.
Klein had noticed that given five points, four of them always appeared to define a convex quadrilateral .
Bennin then showed that the quadrilateral formed by a triangle's equalizer is, indeed, always a Pythagorean quadrilateral .
I am quite aware of the danger in the curved shapes in contrast to the relative safety of quadrilateral shapes.
A quadrilateral meeting with Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam is also planned on the sidelines of the series of regular meetings.
The motifs and figures represented include polychrome images of bison, masks, and quadrilateral signs of unknown meaning.
As in Simone's painting, all the carpets depicted consist of rows of octagonal or quadrilateral compartments.
My guess is that these X's and quadrilateral shapes are caused by windows across the street reflecting the light of the low sun.
These are known as the diagonals of the complete quadrilateral .
The cross sectional outline is a quadrilateral having a foot surface, a dorsum and two ‘sides.’