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quadrant / квадрант, сектор, четверть круга
имя существительное
sector, segment, quadrant, department, desk
четверть круга
имя существительное
each of four quarters of a circle.
Arrange the bricks evenly around the circumference, leaving no large gaps, then divide the circle into four equal quadrants with remaining bricks.
the right upper quadrant of the kidney
In the north-east quadrant was a second circle, although little survives.
The lever and quadrant will go on a stand beside the engineers knee.
For example, the key tools of navigators - the quadrant and the astrolabe - were of Jewish manufacture.
the right upper quadrant of the kidney
Ben points out the area where he has found shell casings in the past, just below the steering quadrant .
At the first sign of engine failure, the pilot must advance all six levers on the power quadrant .
At the top is the steering quadrant , while at the bottom the rudder lies flat against the seabed.
Use it to snap to the nearest quadrant of an arc, circle, ellipse, elliptical arc, and some 3D solids.
Right at the stern the steering quadrant is intact and still attached to the rudder shaft.