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quadrangular / четырехугольный
имя прилагательное
quadrangular, square, tetragonal, quadrate, four-cornered
A square frame encloses the inscription, forming the main block's quadrangular contour.
The four petals, with the stamens inside, form the quadrangular nail-like head of the clove.
In Ireland, however, images of harps show quadrangular instruments, possibly lyres.
It is quadrangular in outline, with a markedly convex lateral surface perforated by the coracoid foramen.
It is an erect herb with the stems acutely quadrangular and pale green.
Instead of the customary quadrangular layout, the 15-mile course would be a seven-sided affair, each side about 2.7 miles long.
Among the 1,080 scapulae Gray found 214 acromial processes that he classified as quadrangular .
The stones, as revealed by excavations, were in the shape of ornamented half-eggs on squat, quadrangular bases.
In the 1280s and 1290s this was incorporated into the quadrangular castle which we see today by William de Valance.
Thousands of people can live in a hutong which is made up of hundreds of quadrangular courtyards each surrounded by four homes.