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quadrangle / четырехугольник, четырехугольный двор
имя существительное
quadrangle, quadrilateral, tetragon, quad, square
четырехугольный двор
имя существительное
a four-sided plane figure, especially a square or rectangle.
You can make rectangles, octagons, septagons, or quadrangles … Or you can make ovals as we did.
The price of USGS topographic quadrangle maps was last increased 7 years ago.
Oak Day is held in the central quadrangle and marks their royal founder's birthday.
In time, the rest of the quadrangle filled up with bookstacks.
Johen waved a hand at the quadrangle of low buildings in front of them, set around a cobbled yard.
Topographic quadrangle maps and county highway maps are helpful in finding sites.
This quadrangle is about to become a pentagram.
Such a proposal clearly involves work on each side of the quadrangle .
The small complex now forms a quadrangle that celebrates the gallery as the treasure it is.
It is located in the Little Hickman USGS 75 quadrangle .
The younger two were allowed into the inner quadrangle so that we could all be photographed together afterwards.