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quad / четырехугольник, четверка, тягач
имя существительное
quadrangle, quadrilateral, tetragon, quad, square
four, quad, quaternary, tetrad, quaternion
tractor, quad, mule
имя существительное
short for:.
At the U, they make their way past the police lines towards some shrubbery on the quad .
(in telephony) a group of four insulated conductors twisted together, usually forming two circuits.
These units can contain one, two or eight LEDs, the duals and quads available in tower versions only.
a radio antenna in the form of a square or rectangle broken in the middle of one side.
The monthly electric bill to run a high-speed quad can hit $14,000.
a traditional roller skate.
I have been skating on Ice, roller, quads , blades for over 20 years.
a small metal block in various sizes, lower than type height, used in letterpress printing for filling up short lines.
имя прилагательное
short for:.
An embodiment of the invention in a quad flat no-lead package is described.
"I actually landed both the quad salchow and the toe loop on the same day, " he remembered.
Still contracting your quad , hold for two seconds then release; repeat.
The closeness of the lobes of both the quad cams and dual cams can result in dirt and grime buildup that can be difficult to clean.
Some farmers are successfully applying fertilisers using a quad .
The monthly electric bill to run a high-speed quad can hit $14,000.
The Student Union is part of the Gray Campus Center, located in the heart of campus in the quad .
My real concern is the atrophy that has resulted in my left quad .
He landed a quad toe right at the beginning as well as a triple Salchow, triple Axel-double toeloop combination, a triple Lutz and triple flip.
It's a quad capable box, one processor, 128 meg of memory.
Today his mother spoke out to warn youngsters of the dangers of quad bikes.