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python / питон, прорицатель
имя существительное
diviner, augur, python
имя существительное
a large heavy-bodied nonvenomous constrictor snake occurring throughout the Old World tropics.
Anacondas are related to boa constrictors and pythons .
a high-level general-purpose programming language.
It actually belongs to the python family, boa constrictor, which is non-venomous.
The bloated and maggot-ridden bodies of 10 snakes including an eight-foot python have been found dumped in a lake at Cheney Manor.
This particular snake isn't the first python to get a tough lesson in the dangers of swallowing oversize prey.
The ribbon rose with the rhythm of a python or a cobra, until the tip was at eye level with my face.
Poachers illegally trade in snakes such as the Indian python , slaughtering the snake for their skin.
The snake - a Burmese python - was dumped and later found by a stunned homeowner.
It belongs to the same family as the python and anaconda, which reach lengths of up to 9 or 10m.
Burmese pythons , one of the world's largest snakes and a favorite of the pet trade, are overrunning the iconic U.S. park.
Non-venomous snakes like boas and pythons grab their prey and squeeze them to death.
While human encounters with cobras, vipers, and pythons can prove fatal, more often than not it is the snakes that are killed.