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pythagoras / Пифагор
имя существительное
имя существительное
circa 580–500 bc , Greek philosopher; known as Pythagoras of Samos . Pythagoras sought to interpret the entire physical world in terms of numbers and founded their systematic and mystical study. He is best known for the theorem of the right-angled triangle.
Simplicius credits the Pythagoreans as well as Plato with a theory composing bodies from plane surfaces.
Damon, a Pythagorean philosopher, [was] very intimate with Pythias.
On the other hand, no one earlier than Diogenes calls Alcmaeon a Pythagorean .
This view is developed by Speusippus, who replaces Plato's Forms by Pythagorean numbers.
He mixed together in his works the arguments of Heracleitus, the Pythagoreans , and Socrates.