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pyrotechnics / пиротехника
имя существительное
pyrotechnics, pyrotechny
имя существительное
a fireworks display.
‘It's not what you'd want as a player,’ said Barry Ferguson, meaning the closed-doors match rather than the pyrotechnics .
They have been in the pyrotechnics business ever since.
The terrified girl senses trouble, but Dad can only stare in awe at the pyrotechnics : ‘It's fun, isn't it?’
The council has used Salford-based pyrotechnics experts, Walk The Plank, to set up displays.
Far from the exciting world of warfare and fireworks, pyrotechnics remain important tools in many industries.
Madlib has too much reverence for Wonder to butcher his songs with unnecessary hip-hop pyrotechnics .
I'd also like to introduce some more training aids and pyrotechnics to make it more exciting and induce the adrenalin.
I don't know how I'd react if I encountered something as monstrous as a Golem, but I doubt that I'd resort to verbal pyrotechnics .
Salford is hoping its 30-minute pyrotechnics display will attract more than the 10,000 people who turned up last year.
The drama primarily derived from the picture's human elements rather than overblown pyrotechnics .
They start early around here, amassing their motherload of pyrotechnics weeks in advance of the Fourth of July.