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pylon / пилон, опора, кабанчик
имя существительное
pylon, tower
support, prop, reliance, bearing, mainstay, pylon
имя существительное
an upright structure that is used for support or for navigational guidance, in particular.
Initially, each roof was to have a three-dimensional truss, a giant bowtie in plan, supported on four massive pylons .
Officials said it struck a pothole on the runway, hit a pylon and then plunged into a house near the airport in the town of Busia.
There also was one pylon sticking straight up from the top of the pyramid that branched out into four.
He stops at a floodlight pylon and looks up at a broken hoarding.
Nearby, some wires hang from the base of an electricity pylon , to which a box seems to be attached.
His favourite photograph was one of a towering electricity pylon and a large graffiti mural in Mitcham town centre.
One other point: when designing a motorcross track, try to avoid putting a 100 ft steel pylon in the middle of it.
Just before touchdown the pilot became aware of an electricity pylon coming into view from behind a tree.
‘There's distortion in the base of the main Etheryn pylon ,’ she said.
electricity pylon
Dorjan looked around the right hand side of a barnacle - encrusted pylon and studied the wooden labyrinth before him.