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pyjamas / пижама
имя существительное
pajamas, sleepwear, jams, pyjamas, night-suit, slumber-suit
имя существительное
a suit of loose pants and jacket or shirt for sleeping in.
a pair of pajamas
A draw-string allowed the pyjamas to comfortably embrace a great girth, and also to drop at a moments notice.
At the Indian counter, a combination of kurta pyjamas with and without jackets is available.
Both men and women also wear a kurta, a long tunic-like shirt, and pyjamas , loose baggy trousers.
Nobody's strolling by with trunks full of smoking jackets and silk pyjamas !
a pair of pyjamas
I put everything except for a pair of the pyjamas and the underwear into my closet.
Out of the dryer, he pulled out a pair of boxers and pajama bottoms.
I washed up, brushed my teeth, pulled on my pajama bottoms despite the warm breeze trickling through my open window.
Variants of trousers like pajamas and shalwar were worn in the northern plains of Indo-Iran.
Dressed now in a pair of Capri pajamas and a tank top she went back to the stove and put the noodles in the water.