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puzzler / трудный вопрос, трудная задача
имя существительное
трудный вопрос
puzzler, crux, fine point, poser, fine question, knotty question
трудная задача
formidable task, uphill task, baffling problem, stumper, puzzler, poser
имя существительное
a difficult question or problem.
A puzzler for the impaired - what sort of ‘asset’ requires that you borrow more money to cash it in?
St.Croix always manages to confuse, delight and inform me, but this month's installment was a real puzzler .
Unlike Shakespeare's puzzler , gene technology may provide an answer within the next few decades.
I got four in 13 minutes but the last one was a puzzler .
Why Rogers chose to take out his frustrations on the cameramen is another puzzler .
Godot was, of course, and still is, a bit of a puzzler .
Again this is a puzzler , because now that they know the name of the Bahamian running it, you think that they could shut it down.
Milo has no idea who sprung him, or why, which is the first puzzler in this dizzying web of intrigue.
If you think you have an answer to this puzzler feel free to leave it in the comment section.
From time to time, I'll drop in a bit of a puzzler for you on this page.
But it's really no puzzler : bad news for workers on Main Street can often add up to good news for investors on Wall Street.