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puzzle / головоломка, загадка, затруднение
имя существительное
puzzle, conundrum, teaser, brainteaser, tickler, mind-breaker
puzzle, riddle, enigma, conundrum, secret, crux
difficulty, embarrassment, trouble, crux, quandary, puzzle
puzzle, perplex, bewilder, baffle, mystify, amuse
приводить в затруднение
complicate, tangle, perplex, puzzle, ravel, intricate
cause (someone) to feel confused because they cannot understand or make sense of something.
one remark he made puzzled me
While I cannot hope to resolve the puzzle , I can explain why I come to this conclusion.
Another small piece of the puzzle fell into place for me.
There may yet be other solutions to this difficult puzzle .
Is Sunda to Sahul a board game that looks like a puzzle or a puzzle with some board game elements?
She says the process has been like putting together a jig saw puzzle .
The people who puzzle him are those who don't read it and still hate it.
It was like the whole puzzle had fallen off the table.
For example, the Saboteur mutator turns a solitaire puzzle into a three-player game.
We all blinked as that piece of the puzzle fell into place, and said a perfectly chorused, ‘Hello.’
And here you have the explanation of that great riddle which used to puzzle people - evil and pain.