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putty / шпаклевать, шпатлевать, замазывать замазкой
putty, stop
замазывать замазкой
lute, putty
имя существительное
putty, filler, coating, filling
оконная замазка
putty, glazier's putty
имя существительное
a soft, malleable, grayish-yellow paste, made from whiting and raw linseed oil, that hardens after a few hours and is used chiefly for sealing glass panes in wooden window frames.
You can fill in nail holes with wood putty before sanding if you are not planning to stain the wood.
a polishing powder, usually made from tin oxide, used in jewelry work.
Polishing on a brush wheel with putty powder retained the crispness and grain marks of the stone wheels.
seal or cover (something) with putty.
Fastener locations are often easy to find, even if the nail heads have been puttied over.
give me a minute until I putty these windows in
After the molding is put up, use wood putty to fill visible nail holes and small gaps for a seamless look.
He attempted a dozen jobs with screws, hanging-brackets, wood putty and latches.
Cover the damaged area, plus a few inches outside, with roof cement using the putty knife.
Spackle is a soft, white, premixed material that's about the consistency of soft putty .
Remove the strike plate and fill the screw holes with wood putty or a glued matchstick.
Often there is some putty that will fall out of the bottoms, leaving the joints vulnerable.
If the problem is just a few small dings and gouges, these can be quickly prepared with some wood putty .
Mix a small amount of putty , using epoxy and acrylic paint to match your tile color.
Linseed oil putty is used because when it hardens, it contributes to the structure of the window.