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putrefy / разлагаться, гнить, вызывать гниение
decompose, decay, corrupt, rot, putrefy, resolve
rot, decay, putrefy, decompose, corrupt
вызывать гниение
(of a body or other organic matter) decay or rot and produce a fetid smell.
Ganges water does not putrefy , even after long periods of storage.
However, during the hot Polish summers, the bodies started to putrefy .
The bodies were left as a warning, to putrefy dangling in public.
If these sugars cannot be broken down, they will sit in the large intestine and putrefy , leading to a bloated feeling and gas.
Ganges water does not putrefy , even after long periods of storage.
The body starts to putrefy within a minute or two of death, and bubbles of gas come up through the mouth.
‘It means that liquid has sat in your ears long enough to putrefy ,’ I explained.
And the minute that the magnificent, multifaceted Crenshaw arrives to putrefy all around him, the scene is set for classic comedy.
the body was beginning to putrefy
Anything organic is going to putrefy or ferment very, very rapidly.
When an extremity has been invaded by bacteria and the blood supply is choked off, the limb begins to putrefy .