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putrefaction / гниение, разложение, гнилость
имя существительное
decay, rot, putrefaction, decomposition, corruption, putrescence
decomposition, decay, corruption, dissolution, dissociation, putrefaction
rottenness, putrefaction, putridity, putridness
имя существительное
the process of decay or rotting in a body or other organic matter.
The air was stuffy and there was an unbearable stench of blood and putrefaction .
the breeze shifted and we caught the stench of putrefaction
The formula of continued life is death, or putrefaction .
It appears to be the remains of a dog, in a moderate state of putrefaction .
She too becomes a zombie, though that's not a bad thing because along with the putrefaction comes a dramatic rise in Patsy's sex appeal.
The putrefaction in the financial world extends to government as well.
Just pop this disc in the player and you'll have all the putrefaction you could ask for.
Burrowing behind the putrefaction that lines the intestinal walls, they consume and destroy harmful microorganisms.
Every time you scratch the surface, a terrifying smell of putrefaction comes out.
Is this then the end of the long march of human civilisation, this spiritual suicide, this quiet putrefaction of the soul into matter?
Also evident is the advanced state of putrefaction for what is passed off as political thought in the United States.