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putative / предполагаемый, мнимый
имя прилагательное
supposed, assumed, estimated, expected, anticipated, putative
imaginary, alleged, supposed, mock, putative, seeming
имя прилагательное
generally considered or reputed to be.
the putative father of a boy of two
Moyes does acknowledge that other putative claimants had seen the technology demonstrated.
We had a confirmatory call from the estate agent this morning, following on her investigation of the status of the putative deal.
The putative Euro League, for big clubs in small countries, enhances the Old Firm's options no end.
The enormity of this kind of response can never be reconciled with the putative causes.
These concepts underlie his concerns about the dangers of a dictatorship of the majority in a putative democracy.
Elitism establishes itself on such a putative ability to rise above mundane choices.
The real tragedy is that most people in the world are trapped between the horror of a putative peace and the terror of war.
This year's quartet of putative Prime Ministers ought not to be discouraged.
Acas is also likely to meet ministers in an effort to find out how much money might be available to finance any putative deal.
For six years we have enjoyed the benefits of putative membership.