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put-up / задуманный, заранее спланированный, сфабрикованный
имя прилагательное
заранее спланированный
forged, faked, falsified, spoof, put-up
имя прилагательное
arranged beforehand in order to deceive someone.
the whole thing could be a put-up job
Of course, the vials were labeled ‘sarin’ in English, which makes one extremely suspicious that they're some kind of put-up job by the terrorists.
And his only act of insurrection was a put-up job.
When you realise his parlous financial state at the time, it seems less of a coincidence and unhappily more of a put-up job.
Regardless of whether Kranish ever meant to write fluff for Kerry's book or not, the Elliott story smells like a put-up job.
I see that kind of simplicity and beauty, and I think, this is a put-up job, this didn't happen by chance.
The Blue camp spoke of a put-up job and denounced it with increasing fury.
Mrs Laws said: ‘The thing is, it was all a put-up job.’