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put-on / обман, притворство
имя существительное
deception, deceit, fraud, trick, hype, put-on
pretense, hypocrisy, sham, dissimulation, affectation, put-on
имя существительное
a deception; a hoax.
It's hard to tell if it's brilliant or a put-on, or just a brilliant put-on .
Jewish critics of Arendt's reading of Eichmann, instead, believed that Eichmann's normalcy was utterly an illusion or a put-on .
A self-confessed Succubus Hunter, it's hard to tell if this guy's nuts or if the site's a put-on .
The first time I read this New York Sun story, I almost figured it was a put-on .
For all I know the entire scene might have been a put-on with a hired actor, but I enjoyed the punch line.
It's a put-on , really, not too much different than the high-theatre dramatism of five years before, really.
Of course, if that's a put-on , they're evil geniuses after all.
Mathews is, among other things, a master of that now lamentably neglected '60s art form, the put-on .
Sourcing so hysterical you ask if it's a put-on .
The Spanish word you're looking for now is macho - and as most any woman can tell you, it's usually a put-on .
In fact, I myself have uncovered evidence that the whole trip was just a put-on .