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put / класть, ставить, помещать
put, place, lay, deposit, rest, set
put, set, place, raise, stage, put on
put, place, position, insert, set, house
имя прилагательное
put, placed, prescribed, fixed, determined
имя существительное
push, impetus, impulse, thrust, kick, put
throw, casting, projection, dart, toss, put
бросок камня
имя существительное
a throw of the shot or weight.
Nichols recorded a put of 61.05 on his third attempt.
move to or place in a particular position.
Harry put down his cup
bring into a particular state or condition.
they tried to put me at ease
cause (someone or something) to carry or be subject to something.
commentators put some of the blame on Congress
throw (a shot or weight) as an athletic sport.
she set a women's record by putting the shot 56ʹ 7ʺ
he defended his decision to put VAT on domestic fuel
If you sell a put, you've agreed to buy stock at a certain price from the owner of the put .
he was put on the defensive
We want the Minister to take a call to put our minds at ease that this amount has not been paid out.
As ever, the finely nuanced statement did not put matters quite so bluntly.
everyone is put on an equal footing
to put ideas into action
Four innocent people were immediately put behind bars.
She put the note he wrote to her back on the desk and went down the stairs crying.
The first of the massive pipes were floated on the high tide on Thursday morning last and put into place.