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puss / киска, девушка, кошечка
имя существительное
pussy, kitty, puss, pussycat, moggy, mog
girl, lady, maiden, lass, maid, puss
pussy, pussycat, catling, puss, fox
имя существительное
a cat (especially as a form of address).
you naughty little puss!
a person's face or mouth.
There was nothing more exasperating than the snug puss of my Dublin work colleague as he entered the office the morning after.
‘You're getting me into trouble, puss ,’ Louis would say reproachfully.
All the better for hearing that you're safe and well, puss .
A pretty puss Sophie came second in a beautiful pet competition - despite being dead.
In any case, after looking at his smug puss for an hour or so, I'm far more likely to pass on the son and vote for the parents.
you old snuggle puss
While licking its claws, puss leaves a collection of the organism there, which in turn becomes yours when the cat scratches you.
Everybody says she always had a puss on her face, and I always smiled.
This does not amuse either puss who associate feathered birds with fair game and dinner.
What made you think there's an intruder, puss ?
look at the long puss on him—you'd think he'd be happy for his brother