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pushpin / канцелярская кнопка, название детской игры
имя существительное
канцелярская кнопка
pushpin, drawing pin, tack
название детской игры
pushpin, mulberry-bush
имя существительное
a thumbtack with a spherical or cylindrical head of colored plastic, used to fasten papers to a bulletin board or to indicate positions on charts and maps.
Insert map pins, metal tacks, and pushpins with plastic heads to create dots, stripes, and hearts.
Smaller than the top of a pushpin , the LP910x family packs a big punch.
Then I learned about Google's new frappr community mapping service and thought readers of the site might want to add a pushpin to the map.
The pushpin color photograms are created by placing the pins directly into the photographic paper surface in the color darkroom.
Secure the tieback around a pushpin in the window frame.
Clusters of pushpins and Styrofoam cups suggested buildings or gathering armies.
There's a map filled with pushpins showing the hometowns of the motel's guests.
Those pushpins have to be pushed from one side of the receiver out the other.
Insert clear pushpins in a circle around the middle of a 3-inch-diameter plastic-foam ball, then add rows to cover the ball.
If I need a package of pushpins , I'm likely to go anywhere that's nearby and cheap.
They're held up by colored plastic pushpins in crowded, overlapping, random order.