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pusher / толкатель, толкач, эжектор
имя существительное
pusher, follower, tappet, lifter
pusher, mule, expediter
ejector, kicker, pusher
имя существительное
a person who sells illegal drugs.
I am saying that if people had somewhere they could legally buy cannabis, the drug pushers would have lost a huge part of their market.
a person or thing that pushes something.
A pusher pushes the loaded clips out of the device one at a time.
Initially, the engine drove a two - blade pusher propeller.
Perhaps I should hook up with a better DivX pusher .
Next time I might tell you about my favourite beach pusher .
In fact, he is just another punk amateur pusher , with his eye on the next buck, which will lead him on to the first million.
She was a general in charge of MP's, not some pencil pusher .
And - like any good pusher - they've kept him ‘supplied’ with their products ever since.
A pusher pushes the loaded clips out of the device one at a time.
Everyone on the floor was a consummate wine pusher and they worked as a seamless team.
Usually there's some paper pusher in the doctor's office doing that in her head.
If you are the faster key-code pusher , you will eject the Mech pilot and be able to claim the Mech for your own usage.