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pushcart / тележка, ручная тележка, детский стул на колесах
имя существительное
truck, cart, trolley, carriage, bogie, pushcart
ручная тележка
handcart, pushcart, barrow, hand-barrow, go-cart
детский стул на колесах
имя существительное
a small handcart or barrow.
Though it is a remunerative venture, it requires a lot of initial efforts such as sufficient number of pushcarts and trolleys to collect and transport the waste and promoting public awareness programme.
Whether the workplace is a cave, an open-air market, a desert caravan, a pushcart or a high-tech company, the principles are the same.
As Indian food continues to seduce the mainstream, an innovative cook has taken his cuisine to the streets - in a pushcart .
There are also a few actors and models and one hapless lady who has been assigned by the convention center folks to go up and down the aisles with a pushcart of snacks to sell.
There must be room for the pushcart as well as the supermarket.
‘The rescue workers found a pushcart used for serving food that has been burned black and in half, which indicates the seriousness of the fire,’ Xinhua said.
The streets are packed with people, motorcycles, pushcarts , busses and more people.
This council promised to get on top of street cleaning last year and nothing was done except to buy 18 pushcarts and a few brushes.
From multinational corporations to pushcarts , there is a wide variety to choose from in terms of foodstuffs.
But no mention of Food Street is complete without the cornwallahs and their pushcarts .
Apart from rejuvenating our sales force, we intend to deploy tricycle pushcarts and vending machines in housing colonies and bus stands.