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push-button / кнопочный
имя прилагательное
button, push-button, pressbutton
имя существительное
a button that is pushed to operate an electrical device.
some kind of push button on their TV sets
a push-button telephone
Releasing Sara's hand, Gwin ran to the front door and pointed at a push-button switch to the left.
It's practically a push-button reflex with you.
The PC may be king now, but in time that will change as the technology is imbedded into a wide variety of push-button devices around the home.
Back the we were delighted to get rid of it in return for a push-button phone, but now it has a certain charm and I could imagine it going very well in my lounge.
With the luxury of push-button devices, DJs and truck-borne musicians increased music speed on demand or at will.
This souped-up model has dual speeds, push-button control options, and a two-minute timer that beeps every 30 seconds as a reminder to move on.
This circuit consists of a push-button switch and a jack into which the sticks are plugged.
There are four blocks, each with front doors that had a push-button intercom system.
Ensign Nelson stared up at the three-story computer core, something covered with blinking lights and archaic push-button interfaces, a system not seen in the Federation since the War of Darkness.