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purview / кругозор, компетенция, область
имя существительное
horizon, outlook, purview, scope, view, ken
competence, competency, expertise, terms of reference, scope, purview
region, area, field, domain, range, purview
имя существительное
the scope of the influence or concerns of something.
such a case might be within the purview of the legislation
Once he does that, their behaviours no longer fall under the purview of evolutionary theory, as it is not generally concerned with pathology.
such a case might be within the purview of the legislation
It seems to me that this action is inappropriate and not within the purview of the school's obligations and responsibility.
Tours are typically arranged between the boards of the countries involved and do not really come under its purview , except perhaps as a facilitator.
It was not pressed with any force by Mr Blades, and is not within the purview of Boyd's leave to appeal granted by us.
The curious thing, in the setting of the Regulations Review Committee, is that not all subordinate legislation is within the purview of the committee.
The film points out that these novels were written by a man who had never been to America, and links Hitler to him as also a man who had no experience of cultures outside his purview .
As a result of these developments, the number of countries within the purview of the IMF increased once again, so that by 2002 it had 183 member states.
One system did not handle what fell within the purview of the other.
Every human action takes place within the purview of moral judgment.